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Direct Wheel Stops Manufacturer Based in Qingdao (China). Are you looking for a durable and weather-resistant parking curb stop? Look no further than our Wheel Stops Factory products!

Our car stops are particularly resistant to vehicle collisions and tough weather since we produce in our own factory, so you can be sure to get the best possible car stop.

We have a wide range of parking stops to cover all your needs, check here to see our full range of parking stops.

Save some cost and buy directly from our Chinese factory! You can directly find different parking blocks on our website, and we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the quality and performance.

Get in touch to receive a personalised quotation today!

To know more about our company, feel free to check our About us page.


Our smallest wheel stops are ideal for car garages; thanks to the smaller size, they are easier to deliver and store

550 mm garage wheel stops are made from high-quality materials that can withstand the impacts of even the heaviest vehicles.

900 mm wheel stopper made by Wheel stops factory, used for car park management

If you are looking for an effective way to keep vehicles from parking in unwanted or dangerous areas, then you need our 900 mm car wheel stoppers.

Parking blocks of 1220 mm, also called wheel stoppers, are used for car park management

1220 mm parking block, also known as a parking curb, parking kerb, or wheel stop, is a device used to help arrange parking lots.

Parking wheel stops of 1650 mm dimensions, also known as wheel stoppers and parking blocks

1650 mm parking wheel stops are commonly used in parking lots to mark the edge of a car parking space to help people park their motor vehicles correctly.

Rubber wheel stops of 1830 mm dimensions, designed for garage or commercial parking

1830 mm rubber wheel stop is ideal for public parking lots, garages, and other parking facilities. It is made of durable Plastic-Rubber composite.

A 2 meters long car stop is to be installed in parking lots for car park management

2000 mm car stops are designed to be used in car parks, commercial parking lots and free public parking lots.

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    A worker in the Wheel Stops Factory cutting rubber with a steel tool

    Who are we?

    Wheel Stops Factory is a leading manufacturer group of recycled rubber and plastic parking curb stops founded in Qingdao, China, in 2013.

    With our own factory, we can pass on competitive factory prices, ensuring that our customers receive the highest quality parking stops possible.

    Our company has extensive experience producing tyre stoppers for cars to exacting standards, specialising in parking equipment. With our high-quality car park wheel stops, Wheel Stops Factory is a reliable supplier of dependable car park equipment.

    Stacks of black and yellow parking stops made from rubber and plastic mix


    At our factory, we take the quality of our car stops very seriously.

    Our team members are involved in every production stage to ensure our high standards are met. Thanks to our ten years of manufacturing experience, we can ensure a fast turnaround on every order.

    Plus, we value our customers and strive to provide the best quality possible.

    A black and yellow parking kerb with reflective glass beads placed behind the wheels


    Wheel Stops Factory is a reliable and experienced specialist supplying high-quality products worldwide.

    Our professional team is committed to fulfilling your order quickly and with a smile.
    We know that you value your time and want to get your order on time. Therefore, we promise that all orders will be delivered within the time frame specified.

    Workers putting the stacked wheel stops into the container to be shipped to other countries


    Our company offers a centralised logistics service that allows for easy tracking of parking blocks and low, competitive pricing.

    This service has been operating for over twelve years and has benefitted both our clients and the company.

    We believe offering this convenience is essential to ensure that items are delivered quickly and at a low cost.


    Wheel stops are also known by many names, including parking blocks and wheel stoppers.

    They can be used to protect vehicles from high kerbs or assist trucks and coaches with parking in the correct position. Tyre stoppers differ from wheel chocks because they are permanently mounted and bolted to the ground.


    • Made from recycled materials
    • Available in various lengths
    • Easy installation with fixings

    Our factory

    Custom-made car stops

    Our design department is available to assist you in providing the best solutions for your technical and aesthetic requirements.

    Please do not hesitate, feel free to contact us!

    One-stop solutions

    Our team is dedicated to providing the best service possible. We will stay closely with you from the beginning of our order to delivery to your warehouse.

    Our technical drawings and prototypes are always accurate, and up to date, so you can be sure that your product will meet your specifications. And if there are any problems along the way, we’re here to help solve them!

    In-house Manufacturing

    Unlike many companies, our factories in China oversee every production stage, from raw material to finished product and packing.

    This allows us to ensure the highest quality parking blocks for our customers. We know that quality is key, which is why we pride ourselves on our parking stops.


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      Wheel Stop dimensions details

      We offer a wide choice of parking stops. Our smallest model is 550 mm, and our longest one is 2000 mm. If you need a different dimension or a custom-made bumper, feel free to contact us; we are always here for you.

      Wheel Stop installation

      • Type of ground: You can install our rubber parking bumpers on most surfaces, including tar, asphalt, bitumen or concrete.
      • Convenient handle: Since our parking stops are light and have two handles on the left and the right, they are very easy to install. Installation can be done by one layperson with very basic tools.
      • Mounting Hardware: We have designed sturdy lag blots and plastic anchor systems which can be used on any of these grounds. Our hex flange coach screws are galvanised to prevent rusting.


      Save money

      Buy your car park bump stops directly from a manufacturer and cut out the middleman! Our products are all manufactured in our own factories in China to have competitive prices.

      Proven quality

      Thanks to our special formulation, Plastic-Rubber composite, our parking curbs will not chip, rot or crack.


      We supervise each step of the process from order to delivery. Contact us now and get feedback from our skilled team.

      Quality reflective tapes

      Depending on the area, we recommend different reflective stripes colours: White, yellow or blue.

      Our tapes are moulded in our rubber parking bumpers. For accessible parking spaces, better choose the blue film.


      There are concrete parking blocks, rubber parking bumpers or plastic parking bumpers available on the market.

      Let’s compare those three types of bumper blocks to comfort you in your choice of Plastic-Rubber composited wheel stops.

      Longevity and durability:

      • Concrete car stops are best used indoors, like parking areas or garages. Outdoor, they crack and crumble easily. Moreover, they require maintenance.
      • Recycled plastic parking stops are suitable indoors and outdoors. But exposed to extreme heat, the plastic will melt, and the colour will fade.
      • Recycled Plastic-Rubber composited tyre stoppers are ideal for indoor and outdoor installation. Resistant to oil, extreme temperatures, UV light, and moisture, they are the most efficient and durable parking lot car stops. You don’t need any maintenance at all!


      • Concrete parking curbs are very heavy. They require a forklift to unload from the truck, a pair of lifting tongs and a few people to install them.
      • Plastic car park bump stops are easy to install, and you just need a few screws to drill the parking curb into its place.
      • Plastic-Rubber composited parking kerbs are six times lighter than concrete. A single person can install them.
      Compared to concrete car parking bumpers, Plastic-Rubber composite parking blocks’ transportation and installation are the best choices!


      • Concrete wheel stops harming the environment, and a lot of water and electricity are required for fabrication.
      • Recycled plastic parking curb stops are made from Plastic-Rubber composite.
      • Recycled Plastic-Rubber composite car tyre stoppers are also made from 100% recycled material, so they are the best as they do not harm the environment.